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Claire Sheldon

Trust your gut, listen to reason: how experienced coaches work with intuition in their practice

Theme: Approach/School/Theory
Area: Coaching
Type: Research (a workshop on how to apply it in practice)

Session on Thursday, Jun 15th, 11:50
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Many of us profess using intuition in our coaching – yet there is little agreement and minimal research about how we do so. Intrigued by this disparity, Claire Sheldon worked with experienced coaches to discover how they worked with intuition in their coaching relationships. Her findings break new ground.

In this participative session you’ll share Claire’s research. You’ll unpick the four positions a coach might take when noticing an intuition, considering the impact of this for the client and for your own practice. Using your own experience as context, you’ll:

• Sharpen your awareness of how you experience and act on intuitions
• Explore the relationship between expertise, maturity and the quality of intuitive interventions
• Identify when intuitions adds value for coach and client – and when they disrupt the coaching relationship.

You’ll also take away Claire’s research-based model, Working at the Boundary. Capturing the potential in the moment between a coach noticing and responding to an intuition, it provides a language for exploration, supervision and professional development. It also offers us an innovative framework for working choicefully, ethically and elegantly at the boundary between intuitive and rational ways of knowing.


Claire Sheldon helps individuals and teams initiate and implement effective, elegant solutions in an uncertain business world. Her clients report building richer, more productive workplace relationships, and developing the skills and self-awareness crucial to sustained individual and organizational change. The ability to challenge and ‘get beneath the skin’ of people and organisations proves a valuable resource, as does Claire’s energy and focus – and her commitment to grounding learning in the real world. Claire completed an MA in Coaching and Mentoring practice at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, graduating with distinction and the Student Prize for Best Overall Performance. Describing herself as ‘an intuitive coach’, her curiosity about what that might mean triggered her MA dissertation. Her research provides a robust foundation for this session.