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Professor David Clutterbuck & Dr Alison Hodge

Team coaching supervision – latest survey results

Theme: Context
Area: Supervision
Type: Research (on-going)

Session on Wednesday, Jun 14th, 15:25
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While there is a growing literature on supervising coaches in general, there is almost none on supervising team coaches. Over recent months we have devised and conducted an initial research survey in this very recent field and wish to present our early findings at the conference. The survey will address a range of issues relating to the factors that make supervising team coaching more complex than one to one coaching. Our aim is firstly to understand the dynamics of supervising team coaches and how this differs from supervising coaches in their one-to-one practice; secondly to begin to collect methods, tools and techniques; and thirdly, to establish a future research agenda. The survey will ask supervisors what conceptual models they refer to in helping team coaches address the complex dynamics of working with intact teams; and explore possible adaptations of existing models of supervision, such as Hawkins’ 7-eyed model, to the team coaching environment. It will also attempt to identify the most common issues team coaches bring to supervision and provide examples of how supervisors have been able to help (or not).

We envisage that we will have data and initial findings to share with the group based on our survey. We will then invite the participants to explore and discuss the findings and how these may inform them in developing their team coaching supervision practice. We expect there may be an opportunity to demonstrate the key elements involved in team coaching supervision. We anticipate that this will be a highly participative, thought provoking session that will add to the participants’ insight and awareness of some of the key similarities and differences involved in team coaching supervision. Time is allowed at the end for group discussion and giving everyone in the room time to reflect on how they will apply their learning in the future.


Dr Alison Hodge has been practising as an executive coach (EMCC accredited) and coaching supervisor (APECS accredited) since 2000 and most recently completed her Professional Doctorate in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University in 2014. More recently, her supervisees have been bringing team coaching assignments to their supervision and as a result, over the past 2 years, she has researched and developed a 3-day team coaching supervision programme for supervisors.

Professor David Clutterbuck is EMCC International Special Ambassador and co-founder. He is author of two books on coach supervision, and author or co-author of more than 60 others. He is a veteran presenter at diverse global conferences. Visiting professor at three UK universities, he holds a post graduate certificate in coach and mentor supervision. He also wrote the first English language book on Team Coaching and is currently leading the editorial team creating the first handbook of team coaching.