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Dr Janet Curran & Stephanie Sturges

What does effective behaviour look like in a conversation to support acquisition of new skills that ultimately lead to better productivity and performance?

Theme: Context
Area: Coaching
Type: Research (on-going)

ging and exposing to be a supervisee than a supervisor and the positive mind-set adopted, active role played and techniques used by supervisees are vital to the success of supervision.

Session on Thursday, Jun 15th, 10:25
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This research is practitioner based and adds rich insight into the growing area of managers as coaches. It adds to the debate of models for coaching in sales context. In a working context where people are under constant pressure to perform. An environment where sales managers have a role to play in the performance outcomes of the individual, as they are ultimately responsible for the achievement of the organisational objectives and performance standard. In sales, expertise and expert knowledge can be highly sought after to promote effective performance and in deed high performance. As a result this study helps to bring insight to the context of sales where expertise is sough and coaching can be seen as a motivational and performance enhancing activity.

This research provides evidence that challenges the dominant ‘Pull’ approach to coaching and positions the ‘Push’ approach to coaching as having value in this contexts. The research helps to highlight coaching behaviours by expert coaches and coaching managers that leave coachees feeling motivated, with greater confidence of skills required to complete their work more effectively and subsequently achiever greater performance results. The research aims to provide a platform for the discussion and further investigation around the ‘Push’ approach to coaching having value through the sharing of ‘expert knowledge’ within a coaching conversation.


Dr Janet Curran is Head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite International, a global sales training organisation. She works with global corporate clients to develop the skills of their sales and marketing teams, which involves consultancy, training delivery and coaching. Janet is responsible for leading Huthwaite International’s current research programme to enhance and update Huthwaite’s global flagship training programmes.

Stephanie Sturges is a coach and senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. She works with individuals, organisations and part time postgraduate and undergraduate students in the field of leadership development and coaching. She works in a variety of contexts embracing public sector, private sector and elite sport. Stephanie is also undertaking doctoral research in the area of leaders that coach and the implications of coaching within this relational context.