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Dr Marta Czerwiec & Bozena Wujec

Toward neuroscience in coaching

Theme: Context
Area: Coaching
Type: Research (on-going)

Session on Wednesday, Jun 14th, 15:25
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Adapting behaviour is essential for effective coaching. Neuroscience can make a major contribution to effectiveness of the coaching process by raising awareness of existing behavioral patterns of coaches and mechanism, which enable coaches to adapt their behaviors accordingly. It is worth noticing that, to develop themselves further, coaches have to be aware of their own behavioral preferences, and in what extend they tend to use them in their everyday practice.

During our presentation we would like to present the results of our preliminary study. Findings from our research will be useful for identifying these aptitudes, which are crucial for coaches to succeed, and therefore – in assessing the level of these aptitudes among coaching students or certification course delegates, in order to address the learning gap of individuals during coaching programme accordingly. Our purpose is also to support other coaches, that already provide their own services, in their professional development, namely to assess the competence gap and to address it on the individual level.


Dr Marta Czerwiec is an experienced coach and HR consultant with over 10 years of practice who obtained a PhD in the field of management, graduated from the Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, Poland. Marta provides HR and coaching support, as well as business training services, for many domestic and international companies. In terms of her coaching practice, the most interested in neuroscience based and executive coaching. For over 8 years she has co-operated with many research entities and universities, such as National Research Institute, Leon Kozminski Academy and The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Poland. She publishes in English and Polish languages, and is author of several articles in the field of organisational management and human resources management. Her research interests, in addition to coaching, are: organisational and group processes, talent management, and leadership.

Bozena Wujec is an executive coach and organisational consultant with 15 years of experience in conducting more than 200 HR development projects for global organisations in 26 countries within European Union, Russia Federation, Ukraine and Asia. In her academic career, Bozena has worked as an Assistant Professor at M.B.A. and Postgraduate Programmes at Kozminski University in Warsaw and several others Polish universities including Warsaw University, Economic University in Katowice and Wroclaw, and at Beijing International Study University in China. Bozena graduated from a PhD Study in Management at Kozminski University in Warsaw. She has been preparing her PhD research in the field of cross-cultural coaching. She also graduated from a Postgraduate Programme in Motivational Psychology at the University of Warsaw. She has an M.A. in Philosophical Studies. Bozena is a Programme Board Member of the Coaching Research Centre at Kozminski University in Warsaw.