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Professor Mary Barbara Trube

Mentoring support for diverse engaged scholars

Theme: Approach/School/Theory
Area: Mentoring
Type: Research (completed)

Session on Thursday, Jun 15th, 10:25
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As globalisation and internationalisation initiatives on college and university campuses have increased during the past decade throughout the world, mentoring diverse engaged scholars has increasingly become important for both development and retention. This session, ‘Mentoring Support for Diverse Engaged Scholars’, presents data from an exploratory qualitative study, conducted at a doctoral/research-extensive university in the Midwestern USA. The study sought to add to the body of knowledge about evidence-based best practices in mentoring by investigating the nature and functions of mentoring and mentoring networks employed to nurture the careers of diverse engaged scholars in the teaching and human service professions. Each of the twelve participants of the study self-identified as an engaged scholar who (1) has been mentored within a mentoring network throughout her or his professional career, and (2) is currently involved in mentoring diverse engaged scholars within a mentoring network. The study findings suggest the benefits of mentoring networks for engaged scholars, especially international faculty, and they outline the nature of effective mentoring, including mentors’ skilled use of educational diplomacy within the mentoring network, in order to help mentees maintain an orientation toward the professional requirements of teaching, scholarship, and service in the academy.


Professor Mary Barbara Trube (Barbara) is professor of education and faculty, teaching educational foundations for P-20 early- and middle-childhood pre-service/in-service teachers at Ohio University, Chillicothe campus. She holds graduate faculty status in The Patton College of Education (PCOE), OU Athens campus, where she mentors graduate students during the thesis/dissertation processes. She is a former Assistant Dean for Academic Engagement and Outreach in PCOE, and former elementary school administrator/classroom teacher. Her terminal degree is from The University of Texas at Austin, USA, in Educational Leadership, which prepared her in the areas of supervision, coaching, and mentoring. Barbara co-edited Mentoring for the Professions: Orienting toward the Future in 2014, which contains chapters authored/co-authored by her. She received the 2015 Article of the Year Award from the editorial team for Mentoring and Tutoring: Partners in Learning for the Trube and VanDerveer study investigating mentoring networks to support diverse engaged scholars. She has been an international mentor with the China, Canada, United States English Immersion (CCUEI) research collaborative since 2000, with emphasis on English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching/learning. She is a member and frequent conference presenter at the USA-based Mentoring Institute of the University of New Mexico and the International Mentoring Association conferences.