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Dr Michel Moral

Stretching ethical dilemmas – a creative tool for supervisors

Theme: Approach/School/Theory
Area: Supervision
Type: Research (a workshop on how to apply it in practice)

Session on Wednesday, Jun 14th, 16:50
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The objective of the presentation is to explain and demonstrate a new methodology for the exploration and resolution of ethical dilemmas in supervision. What we propose is a stretching between ethics of responsibility and ethics of conviction (Weber, 1995) to find the freedom by which the intimate comfort zone of the inner ethics of the person is obtained. The proposed approach is quite different from the existing ones because its primary purpose is not to make a choice but to find another path to escape the dilemma. The role of emotion is key in this process.


Dr Michel Moral spent most of his career in an international environment as a manager and executive. At that time his activities were covering Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, i.e. 124 countries. This helped him to become an intercultural specialist. In 2003 he created a coaching and supervision practice and he coaches executives, executive teams and organisations. He also trains coaches on team coaching in several French Universities, supervises coaches and trains supervisors. His schools holds the ESQA from EMCC. He also participates in a Post Master Collective Intelligence curriculum at the French University of Cergy-Pontoise.

He is the EMCC International ESIA (European Supervision Individual Accreditation) WorkGroup leader and participates in many activities related to supervision and research. He holds a Master degree in Science & Technology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He has published ten books related to management, coaching and supervision.