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Dr Olga Kiss, Gabriella Peuker & Anna Gácsi

Retrospective techniques of reflection in coaching

Theme: Approach/School/Theory
Area: Coaching
Type: Research (jointly with a client or mentor/coaching who will describe how it has been applied in practice)

Session on Wednesday, Jun 14th, 16:50
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Reflection is essential for both personal and professional development of a coach. Sometimes reflection comes easily: we have several thogthts about a session, but sometimes it is hard. Our insights seems to be dried out. In these cases it is very useful if we have techniques to start the stream of thoughts, or to enrich the original reflection. The retrospective techniques of agile development intend to help a team to reflect on the past period of their work, and to decide together what to improve in their way of working together in the next period – this is called inspection and adaption. Both parts are important: reflection and improvement as well. Just like in case of the self-development of a coach.

We used qualitative research methodology. In some cases we started use retrospective techniques not only the reflective log, but also at some reflective parts of our research journal. As a result we realized that the development of the research theme is a very similar process to that of the self understanding and self-development of a coach. In this research we have learnt different retrospective techniques, applied them in our processes, and found ways to use them in reflection and development.


Dr Olga Kiss & Gabriella Peuker & Anna Gácsi met on a coach training course. When it finished we decided to set up our own professional circle, because we wanted an inspiring and generative frame for our continuous self development. One of our topics was how we can apply the agile mindset in coaching. In this context we met with József in 2015, who is among others an Agile Coach. Through our collaboration (because of our diversity of knowledge) we can have a closer look at our topic’s various sides: there is an Agile Coach, a trainer, a developer, a reseracher/scientitst in our team. In 2016 we gave a lecture (nekem ez a szó nemtetszik. olyan kioktatos – workshop?) on Agile in Coaching at an international research conference. We have got our website ready that is under continuous development as we are getting ahead on with the topic. We are still together, because through our similar – or somethimes different – values as catalyzers we endeavor to broaden our knowledge, we inspire each other. We work with individuals and groups in training and coaching, that’s why not only do we try to integrate the VUCA world’s new skills into ourselves, but also we have a mission as well: to help individuals and teams using the agile mindset to make his or their way in life. We work together in an agile way, not only do we speak about it, not only do we use the agile tools, but also we live it: we think and behave according to the agile mindset. And by the way, we love being together.