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Po Lindvall

Evidence based executive coaching and leadership training 3.0

Type: MasterClass

Session on Wednesday, Jun 14th, 09:00
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The future is here already, based on research in both content and planing, as well as research evaluated with results that can be measured on organisational level the evidence based executive coaching and leadership training program 3.0 – Coach2Lead already has taken into account the results of the latest research on leadership and leadership training.

The following question was asked as a control question: Have leaders ways to lead (from introduction to evaluation) during the last year helped you develop your skills, initiative and ability to solve tasks etc? Answer: Yes = 12 No = 0 > 100% thus accounted yes.


Po Lindvall is an executive coach with 27 years experience of coaching and leadership development, a PhD candidate and a VP Research of EMCC International from 2012-2015. Po has coached business leaders in several sectors, as well as sports coaches and top athletes, several of them in national teams and also professional athletes. His doctoral thesis working title is ‘Bridging the gap between art and science in evidence based executive coaching’. Po has been a manager and a sports coach, and later became an executive coach to business managers, the creation of a high performance culture has been one of his main interests. Both in his role as a leader, and as a coach to leaders in organisations and sports teams. He has found that lasting high performances in an organisation is dependent on leaders ability to build high performance cultures, as “Culture Matters Most” (Harvard Business Review, 2005). In 2005 he wrote a book in Swedish, ”Coachologi”, were he researched some very interesting high performance cultures. Common among these cultures was a coaching leadership style, something he then named a coaching culture. A term that since then has been used by several researchers and the correlation between a high performance culture and a coaching culture is something that resent research supports.