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Dr Tony Wall

Keynote: Invigorating practical evaluation – towards enriching toolkits, professional judgement, and deepening impact

Session on Thursday, Jun 15th, 14:50
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As part of the EMCC’s ‘bridging the gap’ international research agenda, an exploratory study was undertaken in 2016 and 2017 to examine the evaluation practices of coaches across Europe – a topic that is positioned as a central competency of coaches. Results provoked a number of surprising insights, such as circumstances when evaluation could be destructive and damaging to not only the coach-client relationship, but also the professional standing of the coaching client. The research indicated a re-positioning of evaluation as part of an evolving professional judgement of coaches, supported by enriching toolkits which aim to go beyond documenting the impact of coaching, and which reinforce and deepen the impact of the coaching (or broader) intervention.


Dr Tony Wall is Director of the International Thriving at Work Research Group, University of Chester UK, and holds visiting research positions in the UK, US and Australia. He leads three Santander International Research Excellence projects and numerous practice-impact projects, each of which focusing on ‘human thriving’ in multiple cultural and ecological contexts. His consultancy and advisory work extends across multiple professional bodies to facilitate international impact (e.g. Research Policy at EMCC International; Chair at the regional level for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; and Research Lead for Lapidus International – the words for well-being association). He is also lead author of the EMCC International Research provocations report series.